Stephen Hawking said, although we could travel to the future, but going in the other direction was ruled out by Albert Einstein’s theories. But everybody knows that we cannot just stop thinking about it – the time paradox, the other self of that time, the butterfly effect. All we do is a little retreat from reality to virtuality, and in the fictional world, where the law of excluded middle doesn’t work, the impossible can become possible.

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放一个 Ujico*/Snail’s House 前几天的曲子吧。Magical Holiday。因为暂时上不了 SoundCloud,就放 Youtube 上的视频吧,也很漂亮。

另外,在点 Profile 的时候请戴上耳机。


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I had a dream.

It’s the two of us. Beside the river. Orange light flickered in the water. Grass whirled up in the summer breeze.

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