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Facts about SQL

  • MySQL does not support data integrity check(that is, it parses but ignores CHECK constraint).
  • MariaDB was the same but started implementing it since 10.2.
  • PostgreSQL is likely to support this feature.

Facts about Arch Linux

  • Arch Linux has only in its official repo MariaDB 10.1 because of this.
  • updpkgsums is a command line tool to update the checksums in the PKGBUILD file.
  • Running makepkg with -s would install the dependencies for it, and -i would install the package built.
  • trizen, aurman are also AUR helpers, the same as yaourt, pacaur.

Facts about CentOS 7

  • It uses Linux 3.10.
  • The packages in EPEL can be very old as well.
  • The lttng package in EPEL is ver 2.4.

Fact about Oracle

It sucks.

Facts about Input Methods

  • The author of Flypy( is stingy about the double pinyin scheme they created – they haunt every developer of an input method which make Flypy available – either as preset or configurable afterwards – without their authorization.

  • Rime, GBoard, and MS IME seem not (yet) in trouble.

  • The author of Flypy criticized others’ approach to tackle zero-consonant characters(‘a’, ‘er’, ‘ou’, etc.) from their perspective. Flypy uses the first and the last letter of the syllable(‘ee’ for ‘e’, ‘ag’ for ‘ang’, etc.), while some others allocate a specific letter, say, ‘o’, for it.(That is, ‘oa’ for ‘a’, ‘ol’ for ‘ai’ for MS).

  • A family of double pinyin derives from Ziranma, with minor differences. MS and Sogou are among them.

  • Mozc could be configured using /usr/lib/mozc/mozc_tool --mode=config_dialog, where the input mode could be switched between Romaji and Kana.